My Dream CUrriculum

I guess this is a mini manfiesto – a minifesto if you like!

I have been thinking about what I would truly love Poppy’s school curriculum to look like and this is what I have come up with. I purposefully did not include mandatory PE at this point figuring we have decent breaks and a decent lunch break.

09.10am School Assembly

09.30am: English – so reading and writing!

10.30am Break-time

10.45am: Maths

11.45am : History/Geography (M), French (T), History/Geography (Wed), French (Th), History/Geography (Fri)

12.15pm: Lunch

13.30pm: Afternoon Registration

13.35pm: Art (M), Music (T), Art (Wed), Music (Th), Art (Fri)

14.45pm Break-time

15.00pm: Science

15.30pm End of school day

I have this vision of tying lessons together. So for example if it was the Arctic in geography we would talk about ice/snow/cold and cold climate animals in science. Let’s build a winter scene in art!! Music and French could link together or French and Art. The English class could be half devoted to writing and half to reading. And Hisotry automatically involves reading – and I would love to start with the Greeks and Romans so you could do all the mythology – and think how that could tie into art and science? Let’s build a Trojan horse! Let’s build a labyrinth! I know this is likely unrealisitc but a girl is allowed to dream right?


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