I started this blog at the prompting of a dear friend to document our struggle in deciding how best to educate our child. She is 4, and next year will enter Kindergarten and we have to make some tough choices. We live in Salem, Massachusetts and we love this town, it is walkable, we have great friends here, we have a really nice life. Sadly the schools here are awful, we have one level 4 school that is a hair’s breadth away from being taken over by the state, and a couple of others on the very brink of failure. Poppy is our only child and we want to make sure she gets the best education possible, and although we are both proponents of public education we are losing faith. I work in research so I have been spending some time going over stats form the SPS via the MA DESE website. My head is spinning with the numbers, and no matter how much I try to make them positive the more I dig the more disillusioned I become. I am potentially risking friendships as our friend’s kids go into the system I so vocally speak out against the same system. This has been a huge education for me – I have learned more about standardized testing, charter schools, TFA, racial disparities etc than I ever imagined was possible.
So please join me on this journey as we navigate what is supposed to be one of the best public school systems in the USA……


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  1. Eliza

    Yes, Jo. It is unfortunate that there is so much pressure and stress on the kids regarding standardized testing. I frankly don’t care for them at all. That’s my two cents for now. Wishing you make the best decision you can about educating Miss Poppy.


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